MacMillan Media Gets a Makeover
With a new job in a brand new city and a brand new state, I thought I’d give the website a long overdue change too.
I’m now the weekend weatherman and a reporter for KOHD-ABC in Bend, Oregon.  Picking up your life and moving it to a new place is a bit daunting, but the adjustment has been easy.  I’m loving the new job and making new friends in this gorgeous city!
A few changes to note...
--The MacMillan Media Video Podcast!!!  It’s now up and running.  In these videos you’ll find stories that I’ve done and weather forecasts.  You can come to the website to watch or subscribe through ITunes.
--I’m working to get the blog updated more regularly and will be using a different interface in the coming weeks.  Make sure to check that out.
--New links!
--New photos!  More pictures for your viewing pleasure.
Enjoy the new content.  More will be added soon!
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Friday, December 21, 2007
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